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Registration & Enrollment

Incoming Brentwood families are encouraged to register their students early! Early Pre-K/Kindergarten registration assists the district in determining enrollments, assigning staff, and meeting individual school needs. Accurate enrollment projections reduce the need to reorganize classes and teachers after school has started.

Please note the following before beginning the registration process:

  • Pre-K students must be four years old on or before September 1 of the year for which you are registering and: meet income requirements, speak a language other than English as their main language, have an active military parent, have a military parent who has been injured or killed in active duty, homeless, or served by Child Protective Services.
  • Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before September 1 of the year for which you are registering.

All students new to Austin ISD must provide following documents:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s immunization records
  • Child’s withdrawal form/last report card (if applicable)
  • Proof of residency (electric bill, gas bill, lease, or mortgage statement, current within 45 days)
  • Parent/guardian photo identification or driver’s license
  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable)
  • Child’s Social Security Card (optional)
  • Current proof of income (only for Pre-K students)

For families registering students new to AISD, a Parent Portal account must be created before you can access the online registration system. Head here to create a Parent Portal account.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Gonzalez at (512)414-2039.

Preparing for School

Order School Supplies

The Brentwood PTA offers you an easy way to order all of your school supplies for the upcoming school year. Avoid the hassle of running to stores during back-to-school season. Information on how to order will be communicated through the bi-weekly Bark newsletter starting in May!

Gather Essential Items

Pre-K and Kinder students need the following items every day:

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box (optional)
  • Snacks (follow classroom rules provided by teacher)
  • Extra clothes in plastic bag with child’s name

Please ensure all items are labeled with your student’s name.

It's also helpful to practice opening lunch containers, water bottles, and snacks with your child before the school year begins to ease their frustration and foster independence!

Back to School Events

PTA-Sponsored Kinder Playdate

Come meet new friends and play at on the school’s playground just before the start of the school year! This is a great opportunity for your student to meet other incoming Brentwood kindergartners. The PTA provides snacks such as watermelon, popcorn, and cold water for the kids. Feel free to bring treats for your kiddo or to share. No teachers or administrators will be in attendance – just cool kids and the adults they bring! This event is hosted by the Brentwood Elementary PTA.

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher happens the week before the first day of school. This is a chance for you and your student to come to the school to meet your new teacher, visit your new classroom, and drop off school supplies.

Boo-Hoo/Woo-Hoo Breakfast

After you drop off your Pre-Kindergartner/Kindergartner on the first day of school, stop by this PTA-hosted gathering for breakfast treats and coffee (and boxes of tissues for those who get a little emotional!). It’s also a great time to meet other Pre-K/Kinder parents!

Back to School Night

This is an opportunity for you to visit your student’s classroom, meet the teacher if you haven’t already, learn about the instructional program, and get information about volunteer opportunities in your child’s class. The information presented during the info sessions is aimed at parents, but the school certainly understands that some families may need to bring along children in order to attend!

Tips for an Easy Transition

Sending your child to a new school can feel overwhelming to kids and parents. Follow these tips to help ease the transition!

Before School Starts
  • Set a routine for walking, eating breakfast, getting dressed, going to bed, and sleeping.
  • Help your child express his/her feelings (happy, scared, sad, etc.) and encourage him/her to let you know how he/she feels about starting at Brentwood.
  • Take your child to visit the campus. Show them the route to take from the classroom to the cafeteria, to the bathroom, etc. Pro tip: Visit the playgrounds!
  • Remind your child that Brentwood knows how to get in touch with you.
  • Feel confident about your choice of Brentwood and let your child know how you feel.
  • Shop for practical clothing that your child can manage alone. Shop for school supplies, including a large backpack with your child’s name on it.
  • Make sure the transportation plans to and from school are clear to your child and his/her teacher. Notify your child’s teacher in writing if there is any change.
  • Send a favorite healthy snack - but no toys!
Once School Starts
  • Review your expectations and prioritize them.
  • Each teacher will send home important information in your child’s backpack. Please read this information carefully.
  • Try to be accessible to your child’s teacher.