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School districts are required by state law (Texas Education Code, S11.251) to establish Campus Advisory Councils (CACs).  The mission of CACs is to promote excellence in education for all students through broad-based representation. CACs provide valuable input to campus planning and operational decision-making. Brentwood’s CAC includes staff, family, community, and business members and meets approximately once per month. CAC provides input into decisions regarding staffing, budgeting, curriculum, and professional development. CAC membership is a two-year commitment (unless serving a partial term). The CAC is an advisory body; the principal has ultimate decision-making authority on the campus.

Interested in serving on the Brentwood CAC? Start by downloading a standard membership application from Austin ISD. We strive to fill these volunteer positions with the intention of forming a diverse group of members who share our campus vision, “Brentwood Elementary is committed to developing the whole child by creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where every child may experience academic and social success.“

Since membership is determined at the campus level, submit your completed applications to our  principal. The district also has detailed information on membership criteria in the CAC Bylaws.