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Governing Documents

Bylaws and Standing Rules are updated every 3 years, and then approved by Brentwood PTA’s General Body before submitted to Texas PTA for final approval. The following documents were updated and approved in 2021.


The Brentwood PTA Bylaws are the fundamental governing rules of our organization and are required by the Texas PTA and National PTA and include some language prescribed by them.

View the Bylaws (PDF) 

Standing Rules

Standing Rules are the details of our Brentwood PTA administration.

View the Current Standing Rules (PDF)

Finance & Audit

The Finance Committee is an ad hoc committee that reviews the plans of work (POWs) submitted to the PTA each year, and prioritizes them according to the PTA's mission and the school's financial needs. That process informs the PTA's budget each year.

The Audit (or Financial Reconciliation) committee is appointed by the President each May to review the PTA's books over the summer to make sure that the organization is following best practices with regards to its financials.