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Amplify your impact by taking advantage of your employer’s donation matching program.

What is employer matching?

Your employer might match some or all of the funds you donate to a charitable non-profit organization like the PTA. This could be an easy way to double the money you donate!

How do I know if my employer matches donations?

Check with your employer to see if this option is available to you.

Some companies with employer matching include: 3M, ABM, AMD, Apple, Applied Materials, Bank of America, Dell, Deloitte, eBay, Electronic Arts, Google, IBM, Intel, Indeed, LexisNexis, Logitech, Microsoft, National Instruments, SalesForce, Seton, Tyco, VMWare, and many others.

How do I participate in my employer's matching program?

Usually it’s a matter of filling out a form or submitting a request online. Each company has a different process, so check with your HR department.

What if I need Brentwood PTA's Tax ID Number and Address?

Name: Brentwood PTA

Tax ID: #74-6085683

Brentwood PTA
c/o Brentwood Elementary
6703 Yates Avenue, Austin, TX 78757