Gifted and Talented

Brentwood provides screening, identification, and services for Gifted and Talented (GT) students. Once identified, students receive in-class GT services from trained teachers.

What are the characteristics of a Gifted & Talented Student?

How does the gifted and talented program work at Brentwood?

  • All 2nd-5th Grade Teachers are required to be Gifted and Talented Trained and each year will continue GT education training.  There are also some K/1 teachers who are GT Trained.

  • Brentwood does not have a pull-out GT program. Instead, GT students are given enrichment opportunities with other GT students within the classroom and offered differentiated instruction within the classroom.  

  • Teachers have access to GT Teacher Resources and Exemplar Lessons to embed into the curriculum for their GT identified students.

  • Your child’s teacher will share with you what your child is doing at Parent Conferences (October and February) with the GT Student Service Summaries

How can my child be identified as Gifted and Talented?

You can nominate your child for screening, or your child’s classroom teacher can make the nomination. One evening information session before each nomination window will be held at Brentwood Elementary. The calendar for the assessment can be found on the AISD website. Students may be identified as GT in one or more of the following content areas:

  • GT STEM (science and mathematics),

  • GT Humanities (language arts and social studies),

  • Talent Explore STEM (science and mathematics), or

  • Talent Explore Humanities (language arts and social studies).

Brentwood Elementary encourages children to be tested at 2nd grade and higher. The required testing for GT is entirely computer-based, and it is often harder for children in the younger grades to focus and perform their best. Students are better able to show their strengths on testing when they are 7 or older.

What if my child is not identified as GT?

  • Some children who are very high achievers (teacher pleasing, organized, task driven, bright) do not quality for GT. There is not a one:one relationship between the two sets of traits.

  • Getting a teacher’s opinion on the nomination upfront can be helpful.

  • Your child can also re-test, as it could be that they were not mature enough to take the test.

How can I connect with other parents of GT students?

If you’re interested in connecting with other parents of GT students, you can join the email list or Facebook group